Our curiosity

Our curiosity let us use the methods and tools of the future today. Based on ideas produced in our think tank we constantly develop new projects giving us more safety for the future. Therefore we are always on the top of the information security and influence the future of information security technology. Of course our customers participate in our curiosity.

Some examples of our curiosity:

  • SDM (Secure Digital Magazine) (German). SDM is the latest method to guarantee the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data send to a recipient. It enables you to control WHO will be able to do WHAT, WHEN and HOW with these data under your full control, like an digital rubber to erase data after a period of time or other defined specifications.
  • DNS Redirecting Servives:
    the Domain Name Service (DNS) is one of the central services to monitor and prevent unwanted data connections. Infection of devices, e.g. with ransomware, can be prevented and monitored by using regularly maintained lists easily.
  • Seasons - season related informationen, thoughts and explanations regarding information security and data privacy (german).
  • Writing a non-technical compendium about information security (german, free of charge). Available also as eBook.
  • Several individual company's information security management systems (ISMS) defined, supported and maintained.
  • Supporting SANS 20 Critical Security Controls.
  • Our recommendation to secure communication within SCADA networks was followed 2008 by the US, using proxies.
  • Certificate based HA- MTA and DNS server supported for our customer in 2000. Meanwhile these configurations are "state of the art".
  • In 1992 we'd developed a digital device to play- and record music (nowadays these are called "MP3 player").
  • How can we innovate you?

    Become a part of our curiosity. Do not hesitate to contact us for your individual solution of the future.