Our Service

  • Information & Business Security

    is seen UPPER CASE by us.

    We check if your infrastructure and processes are secure. You will get a customized security concept to secure your business so that only authorized people will get access to your data and information.

  • Data Privacy & Compliance
    Our certified data privacy officer assists you in handling personal related data as required.With our certified consultants we can support you with inter/national data privacy laws, like:
    • EU-DSGV
    • German BDSG and LDSG

      international standards, like:

    • ISO27001
    • ISO27011
    • ISO17799
    • ISO9001
    • SOX, MaRisk and much more
    even if you need to get certified or your company wants to implement an pragmatical approach with professional- and experienced consultants.

  • Training and Instruction
    Our qualified team provide you with customized trainings for business security, IT Service and industrial safety & health. We support you to build-up a comprehensive training program or prepare and conduct individual trainings for your company and employees.

  • Networks and IT Infrastructure
    Giving advice, implement and maintain your network and IT is our daily business: we assist you in every single step to get the complete solution. We plan, implement and maintain dedicated services or complex IT infrastructure.

  • IT Service
    We implement and maintain your server & workstation environment.
    With our partners we are able to provide you a large scale of services for your whole IT and external sites worldwide.

    We are your partner if you want to provide highly-available data, secure e-mail, web portals, logistic systems, videostreams or if you plan to present your company within the internet.

  • How can we assist you?
    We also accomplish large projects; our flexible team can assist you in many parts of your business.