Business Technology

Our IT Service, abstract

You need Qualified partner - professional solutions.
We offer Comprehensive consultancy for your network, server and information security provided by qualified and experienced professionals.

You need Stable solutions.
We offer Dedicated highly available and fail-safe solutions, also in difficult environments.

You need Teleworking and Homeoffice solutions.
We offer Secure- and easy to adapt remote access capabilities.

You need Cloud-Connectivity.
We offer As member of the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) we implement secure Cloud solutions even for small business.

You need Audit- and Penetration Tester.
We offer Technical audits and penetration tests with comprehensive tool-set, report and advisory.

You need Your Data.
We offer Data recovery by market leader with high graded methods and pro-active data loss concepts & solutions to protect the data of your company in advance.

You need Destruction.
We offer Data- and hard-drive destruction according to data privacvy- and security regulatory requirements by certified partner.

You need Additional service which is not mentioned here?
We offer An interview at no charge to check your company needs.