We support you to establish and maintain information security adjusted to your company needs.

Pointhope is an independent consultant and service company. We offer our service with an experienced team of professional experts. We support inter/national companies, industry and governments with:

  • Information Security

  • If you need pragmatical- or conceptual business security:
    we provide you with an comprehensive security concept,
    customized to your business needs.

  • Data Privacy & Compliance

  • If you process personal related data, either within the
    European Union, between EU - US or any other country:
    we are certified to support you.

    If small business, public authority, or corporate:
    we implement ISO/OHSAS-compliant standards
    and assist you in getting certified.

  • Information Technology & IT Service

  • we support IT like IT is needed:
    ' we make IT happen'

    Consulting is just one of our excelence:
    with our holistic approach and good insights
    for complex systems you're on the right site with us.

We could already proof our competence and experience in many customer projects within different sectors. We support most kind of industries, for example such as pharmaceutical industry, Oil&Gas, telecommunications, logistics, healthcare, education, service, trade&commerce, up to the classic manufacturing companies - and the public sector.

We make your company safe and secure, so you can care about your business. Do not hesitate to contact us.