We do not hide behind standards ‐
we know their content & requirements.


To reside as competitive player you must choose the right tools of choice.
We advise you comprehensive and competent to select the relevant norms and standards for your business. Internal business workflow should be transparent, so that your company exceed customer demands and is well prepared for future development. We prove your management system - in addition to international recognized standards - particularly to your preferences and expectations.

We detect the necessity of safety and protection requirements for your company. With our comprehensive approach we define the necessary requirements for your company as required.


The second important step is the realization of the choosen tools and standards.
We know how to implement the right measurement in the right order. We improve your security until you reach the choosen level. If quick-wins or exceeding long-term security concepts: you will get a measurable level of protection.


We proof by internal audits wether your policies are followed and comprehensive.
To check consistency and compliance of internal procedures, standards and policies, audits should be performed regualrly.
On your way to check your compliance with standards or getting certified, we perform internal audits. You will get an overview of where you are and what need to be done to improve your business to be in compliance with ISO- and OHSAS standards.


Reaching additional benefits by accepted security- and business culture.
Establishing standards and procedures comes often along with changes in the workflow. We train your employees or trainer not only to understand the general idea of improvements but also changes to their daily work by means of customized examples. Therefore your employees are able to work with the more secure methods and environment from the very first day on, which is an competitive advantage for your company.


We support you to apply the following international standards, also in getting certified.


and IT Security

The responsibility of companies and owner are regulated by national- and international laws like data privacy regulations, PCI, HIPAA, GLBA, SOX or Basel II. It is mandantory to establish managementsystems to identify hazardous situations before they arrive, manage and stop them.

With our international experienced experts you will be able to fullfill these laws and standards. We can support you to plan, implement and maintain your information security managementsystem (ISMS) like ISO27001 ff. and related once.

With an effective ISMS you are able to identify and manage potential information security risks and with an operational riskmanagementsystem you will be able to foresee and keep track of the overall-risk of your company.

Even if you want to implement the pragmatical approach of information security, get audited or certified:
we can support you with experienced, certified security experts in each single step.

Industrial safety, health & safety Health & safety are essential within the industry.
Our experienced and certified employees can support you in build-up, maintain and getting certified in ISO9001 and OHSAS18001.

Environmental safety The ISO 14000 environmental management standards help your company to minimize risk, that operations negatively affect the environment.
Our certified experts can assist you in build-up and maintain your companies environmental management system based on ISO14004 equal if your company is industry-, public- or governmental.

Quality management We support you to increase the performance of your company. Our experts can assist you to implement your companies quality management, like DIN 9004.